Thursday, February 12, 2015

Should I Sell My Home On My Own?

This is a great question, let me answer this: 
If you can and feel confident enough, Congratulations, Bravo! 
I have been buying and selling properties for clients and myself for years. It is very time consuming, time oriented, time sensitive and can be frustrating. Then throw in the challenges of emotions, personal issues and confusion of all the contracts. Statistically, properties take longer to sell and for less money without the help of a Professional Realtor.


    ·  Take away all the confusion of the contracts and educate you on 
       the process and how to find the right price.
    ·  Reduce your risk and improve your chance of selling for more.
    ·  Negotiate on your behalf and increase your chances of selling.
    ·  Educate you on the true value of your home and what the market is 
    ·  Help qualify buyers before they even come to your home.
    ·  Accurately measure and properly photograph your home, so buyers 
       know what they are getting.
    ·  Ensure that you have all of the important documents in place to 
    ·  Accurately write and execute all legal contracts on your behalf and 
       coordinate all inspections.
    ·  Do a walk through of your home and property to advise you of low 
       cost repairs and maintenance to increase the homes value.

Best of all, if your home never sells, you never pay me anything at all!!! I take all the risk!!!

We also have great connections with builders, renovators, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, designer/stagers and so much more.

I am professional, personal and I understand no matter what your story is! I am there every step of the way!

Selling Real Estate is very exciting and I would like to help you enjoy the process of selling!

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