Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Maybe I Hired the Wrong Realtor?

 Have you ever heard that before? Maybe you have said that before or are saying that now!!

Well, let me ask you a question.  If you list your car for sale, in the newspaper or online, is it the newspaper’s fault if it does not sell?  OR is it because the car is in bad condition, or maybe the price is too high, or simply no one happens to be looking for a 1971 Datsun?

Maybe selling your home is similar. Does your home need a little attention to minor details? Can you spruce up its appearance to make it look its best?  Maybe you are on a busy highway, in a tightly packed subdivision, have a large yard that needs a lot of garden work or you have asbestos in your home. Perhaps you are sitting on the banks of a river, or in a flood plain, or in an area designated for windmills.  Another thing to take into consideration is, the type and number of buyers out there looking for a home just like yours.  Perhaps the price is too high. Maybe the price point dictates a certain income bracket.
There are many reasons your home may not be selling. This is why it good to review all these things with your agent before listing to sell. It is possible to hire the wrong agent. It could be agent-related, but chances are one of these other factors are stopping your home from selling. With a good marketing program and the right agent, a home will sell when it is priced right.

If you choose to work with me, we will address these things right from the get go. From the first time we sit down together, we will talk about the real estate market and activity, the best price for your home, what you need to do to maximize the bottom line, the types of buyers looking for your style and location of homes, and what I do to market your home.  We will also talk about how to deal with an offer when it comes in and all the options you have. 

As part of the offer we may see conditions involving different types of inspections, amendments, waivers, notice of fulfilments, statement asking you to do something regarding the sale, release forms, acknowledgements and acceptances.  All of these details can be quite confusing. This is truly when you find out if you have the right agent. I will walk you through all of this and explain it all in laymans terms.  All of this must be done accurately and in a timely manner, if not the deal could fall apart and then no sale.

If you have any questions with regards to this blog or any other real estate questions, feel free to email me or call me. I am always glad to help.

If you are ever in the Creemore, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Mulmur or Grey Highlands area looking to buy a home or you have one to sell, look me up.

I look forward to Personally and Professionally helping you.

Joseph Talbot

Monday, February 10, 2014


I was doing some reading online today about what some folks thought Realtors do for buyers specifically.  
One comment  was that they thought Realtors do nothing, just collect a pay cheque. I sure do wish this person was correct. I mean who doesn’t just like to get paid for doing nothing?  Another comment, by the same person, was that Realtors are not honest.  Unfortunately, that may be the case in some instances, but this could also be true if you were dealing with a lawyer or dentist or your own boss.  That is why it is a good idea to know who you are working with. This person also said that every Realtor will always tell you it is a good time to buy. That also may be the truth with regards to some Realtors. However, if you choose to work with me, you get 100% honesty. Nothing less. 
I have a tendency to be a little too honest and have probably lost sales because of that. However, I sleep with a clear conscience.  If I feel it is a bad time for you personally to buy, I will tell you so.  I take into consideration all that you tell me and use my expertise to give you my professional opinion. That is why you hire me, right? I may also tell you that the home you want to look at or have previewed is not right for you.  I will always tell you why and back it up with the facts. It is very important that you trust my professionalism and what I have to offer. 
I do a lot for my buyer clients. I have met a number of buyers that have no idea what the process is, when buying a home, or even what to look for when considering a particular home. There is so much more than just spending a short period of time in a house and saying "Yep, I wanna buy this one". Do you understand the contract, the agreement of purchase and sale? How about the conditions, the amendments, the Notices, any waivers? What if you breach the contract to buy? What happens next? What if the home inspections reveal major issues? How do you deal with that?  How about financing? There are a lot of different options.  Do you know how to think creatively outside the box to get the job done? I do!
These are just a few things that I, as a buyer representative, do for you. I will explain the whole thing to you and walk you through the process with 100% integrity. I want you to be happy and I hope that you will refer me to all you family, friends, coworkers, doctor, mechanic, and even your mother-in-law. 
The only way you will find out if I am an honest Realtor is to work with me. I would be glad to provide you with a list of satisfied clients; happy references. 
So, whether you are thinking of buying now or in the future,  call or email me today. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Contacting me is a great way to start your home buying plans.
Thanks for reading.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Call, text or email, if you have any questions.  I'll give you an honest answer!