Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Ok, the spring market has come and gone.

Do you watch what happens in the Real Estate market?  Most people are interested in Real Estate. Not too many days that go by that when I speak with folks, Real estate does not come into the conversation, no matter where I am. If the home next door to you comes on the market, are you curious about the list price? And if the home across the street sells, do you want to know how much it sold for?  Or the one across town or in the country . . . it was listed forever, wasn't it?  How much did it finally sell for?

Now for the truth of the matter, at least from what I have seen this spring and early summer. Homes have sold in this area, that completely defy logic. You know the falling down home with the two foot tall grass, across town on ABC street? Well it just sold, and for a lot more money than logic would allow.

Mostly, it boils downs to the buyer. Almost every buyer sees a little something different in every property. The home that you or I may say needs gutted and completely redone? Well someone bought it and is making some modest repairs and turning it back into a "home". Most likely, because that is what they could afford. In this area of the country, you rarely find the "Flips" that we may have once seen. It is very difficult for investors to buy a run down home and put a few bucks into it and put it back on the market and make money. Folks are buying them to live in them. 

Another surprise is the home that should have sold in a snap, but didn't. Do you know what I am talking about . . . the home with the ten acres, the great shop and an amazing and beautiful home that could suit any family? Is it the location, the neighbouring industry or the fact that it takes fifteen minutes longer to get the club? IF only we could pick up the home and put it on the edge of town. Now we are talking 200k more.

Whatever the case may be, sellers should, or at least try, to hold on. Be patient. There are new buyers on the market every day. Today may be the day your home sells. As for the sellers of the home that defy logic and sell really quickly in today market, YA!  For you, that is great, now go buy another home!

Now here is my sales pitch!!  No matter what type of home or property you own, I would like to be your Realtor. I will do all I can to help you sell for as much and in the shortest amount of time possible, of course being fair and courteous to the buyer too.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Give me a call and let get started on your next sale or purchase. I look forward to meeting you.

Until next time.

Joseph Talbot.

Professionally and Personally Helping You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

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