Monday, February 6, 2012


Well the Dirt Pig has spoken,

Wairton Willie says we are having an early spring. Well I say that you have to have winter in order to have spring and we have not had winter yet. As you can probably tell by the tone of my voice ( if you were here) my family and I love winter.

So, now that spring is on the way and the melt waters and spring rains are going to start flowing through your basement weepers, you will want to be prepared.  First you should make sure that your sump pump drain lines are not frozen or clogged, including the end where the water makes its exit. If they are clogged or frozen you will likely burn out your sump pump and then proceed to have water flowing through your basement like an indoor pool.

Then you should make sure that your sump pump is in good working order. As a good rule for any home owners with a crawl space or basement, it is a great idea to have a new sump pump on backup. Having two pumps is a great idea.  Just in case we have an extra soggy wet spring. Just ask anyone that has had a pump die on them when the water levels are bursting over the top of the rim. Also make sure the new one works, take it out of the box and test it.

 Another thing to keep in mind is to put a check valve on the out take pipe. This will help the water from being sucked back into the sump basin. If you need help with this just give me a call.

It may also be in your interest to put an alarm on the system. Especially if you do not go into your basement or crawl space very often. This will alert you as to when the level of water is too high and is at risk of coming over the top and flooding your basement or crawlspace.

If you really want to take precaution, you could install a back up system. Then when the hydro goes out the sump pump will continue to work. Whether it is a pressure system hooked up to town water, a battery backup or a manual or automatic generator. Otherwise it could be the old fashioned backup system, a bucket and a mop.

I know that some of you good folks say that you have never had water in your sump pump basin, and that is great. However, I know of a number of homes that the owner said they never had water in their sump holes, EVER. Until that one wet quick spring thaw. Now they wish they had. EVERY HOME that has a crawl space or basement should have a sump basin and a sump pump.  This just makes sense, because it is a hole in the ground and water always takes the easiest route. It is part of the Ontario Building Code now. If you have any questions about this or anything to do with buildings, just give me a call.

Also, just so you remember, I am in the business of selling real estate and I would like your business. So if you want to sell or buy a home, please call asap, so I can get started helping you achieved your real estate goals. It is going to be a great spring in Real estate for all of us. I also would like your referrals, so if you know anyone else that is interested in moving to upsize, downsize or any size, I would give them the same great service that I would give you.

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