Friday, January 13, 2012

Helpful Tip of the Week


In 2012 I am going to try and give you a tip of the week. You might see Home Maintenance, Building & Design, or Renovation/Retrofit topics. Please let me know if any of this is of any interest to you or helpful. Be sure to suggest a topic if you have a need. I would like to help as many people this year as possible.

Your tip: 

Have you ever had a tub spout/ diverter that has become stubborn and was hard to pull up to divert the water to the shower head. Well here is an easy way to fix it. Take off the tub spout turn it upside down and spray the whole inside with Olive Oil... Yes it works. I have done it with my own at home. Let it sit for a minute and then reinstall it. If you are not sure of how to remove your tub spout give me a call I would be happy to walk you through it or show you.

Be sure to stop back here often, I will have other tips weekly.

Also please remember if you are thinking of selling or buying give me a call or email

So no matter where you are, whether it is in Creemore, Collingwood, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Clearview, Grey Highland, Lake Eugenia, Newlowell, or town of Blue Mountain or anywhere in between. This is my area that I work and know well.
If you are from out of town and want to sell or buy, I can referr you to a great REALTOR in you area. I have colleagues all over the country to help you.

Thanks for stopping by to read this, I hope that this is useful to you.

Have a terrific day!

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