Friday, October 1, 2010

See the Potenial In Real Estate That May Not Seem Quite What You Are Looking For

Sometimes, when you are in the market for real estate, viewing a property can be a little disappointing. You see the photos online and when you get there, it's not quite what you had hoped.

If you dig a little deeper though, you might be able to visualize something different.

That's what we did when we bought this investment property in Stayner, Ontario. It was pretty run down. It needed new doors, new windows, new siding, and we replaced just about everything else.

Now, the main floor is a large, finished, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment and the basement will begin soon. We'll keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, you can see Before, During and After photos at and see view the finished video walkthrough of the Stayner Renovation Project below.

With my design qualifications and 20+ years in the building industry, I have an eye for detail and a knack for visualizing the potential in a property. Give me a call, at RE/MAX Clearview, Inc, and let me help you see your future home!

Joseph Talbot, Accredited Senior Agent, Green Agent
RE/MAX Clearview Inc. (705) 428-4500
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